Results of revolt of 1857

The revolt of 1857 marked a new beginning for Britishers as they introduced changes in administration and their policies.

The British Parliament passed an Act of 1858, which ended the company rule in India.

They transferred the powers of the East India Company to the Queen of Britain, Queen Victoria.

A British cabinet member was appointed as the Secretary of the State for India.

He took care of the matters related to the governance of India. There was also a council to advise him which was called as The Indian Council.

The Governor-General was renamed as the Viceroy of India who was the personal representative of the crown.

Lord Canning became the first Viceroy of India.

Indian rulers were promised that their territories would not be annexed.

Doctrine of Lapse was also ended. Indian rulers could pass on their kingdom to adopted son also.

The British thought that to rule India now they will have to break its unity. So they started the policy of divide and rule.

The land of the muslim community was taken on a large scale and the were treated with doubt and hostility.

The British also decided they would not be interfering in the social and religious customs of Indians.

The number of European soldiers was increased in the army and the number of Indian soldiers was reduced.

Gurkhas, Sikhs and Pathans soldiers were hired more in number because they remained loyal with Britishers during revolt.

New policies were made to protect the landlords and the zamindars and to give them security over their rights.

Let us now take a short recap on Results of revolt of 1857

British fought back the Indians by doubling their army from England. They did not let India win.

British Parliament passed Act of 1858, which ended the company’s rule and Queen Victoria was declared as the Empress of India.

British decided to end the Doctrine of Lapse policy and also stopped annexing Indian kingdoms.

They held Muslims responsible for the revolt and started capturing their territories. They also started the policy of Divide and Rule to break the unity of Hindus and Muslims.

European soldiers were recruited more in the army and the number of Indian soldiers was decreased.

The End