Revisiting place values

A boy is playing with few balls with his elder brother.

These balls have some numbers written on them.

The boy picks a ball with digit written on it.

Also, his brother picks another ball with digit written on it.

They kept both the balls together. It formed a 2-digit number as

The elder brother said that let him tell him something very interesting about the positions of the number.

The boy got curious just like you guys, so let us study about what he told.

Let’s discuss the place values of the numbers.

Let us consider a digit number as

Now, we can expand this number as shown

We can conclude that, is the ones place, is at the tens place and is the hundreds place.

Similarly, if we consider a four digit number

We can say that is at thousands place

We can aso write a digit number and expansion of that number as

Here, we can read it as forty five thousand two hundred seventy eight

The table above gives the place value of each digit as we go from right to left


The place value of any 5 digit number can be given as

The End