Role of Judiciary

India is a democratic country with a huge population.

To maintain law and order in such a large population some system is required.

In India, Judiciary is the organ that ensures the law and order in society.

Judiciary makes sure that the citizens and the government obey the laws and society becomes disciplined.

In India, Judiciary functions with the help of the court. The court consists of Judges and Magistrates.

The court helps to solve the problems by proper enquiry and provides punishment for crimes.

Let's discuss the Roles of Judiciary in detail

Dispute Resolution

The court solves the disputes between citizens, between citizens and the government.

Court also solves disputes between two-state governments and between the centre and state governments.

Let us take some examples of dispute resolution

When two states have issues in common resources, they can approach the court for a final decision.

For example, the Kaveri river is shared between Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

There was a dispute on the use of river water by both the states. This was solved by the court.

Similarly, the courts help to solve a dispute between two citizens of our country.

An example of this is a dispute between two siblings on sharing their land properties.

When siblings approach the court, they may be given an equal share legally from their available land.

Judicial Review

The Indian Parliament passes rules and laws.

Judiciary system has the rights to review the law. There should be no laws against the Constitution.

If any law is passed against the Constitution structure, the Judiciary system can abolish that law.

Upholding the Law and Enforcing Fundamental Rights

In India, fundamental rights are given to citizens.

If any person, group, or government does not let us exercise our fundamental right we can approach the court.

The court will issue the orders and protect our fundamental rights.

To fulfil all the responsibilities Judiciary has to be independent and powerful.

Indian Judiciary has been made completely independent.

The judges of the court can not be appointed and dismissed by any politician.

This makes the judges take impartial and independent decisions.

The judges once appointed in court cannot be removed from the post, without any valid reasons.

Independent judiciary helps the court to ensure that the legislature and the executive do not misuse their power.


The judiciary is the system of courts and it plays an important role in government.

The roles of the judiciary are dispute resolution, judicial review and enforce fundamental rights.

The Indian Judiciary is independent as the legislature and executive can interfere in the decisions of the court.

This makes the judges take impartial decisions.

The End