Scientific Notation of Numbers

There is a Satellite agency.

Group of Scientists worked there.

They see that all the planet in universe are situated at large distance from each other.

Now, the scientists planned to send a satellite from earth to other planet.

Now, to know the exact requirement of fuel, they need to find the distance between two planets.

Suppose, the distance of a specific planet from the earth is kilometer.

We see that it is hard and time consuming to read and understand these digits.

So, the scientist represent these digits in some other form.

Let’s understand how scientist represent digits in Scientific notation.

Scientific Notation is the system developed to write and read large number in short forms.

In other words, we can say that scientific notation is the way to show large and smallest numbers in simpler forms.

Suppose, we have a large number. As

We begin with decimal place, which is end of the digit.

In this example decimal place move from right to left.

And the decimal place move right to left until a single digit is left on the left of the decimal point. As

Here, for this number we moved the decimal point upto place to the left.

And the remaining digit must lie between the digits to . As here lies between & .

Now, we can write the large number as the product of decimal place number with power of

So, we get that a large number can be written in short form. As

Now, let us take another example, which is a smaller number. As

Move the decimal point to place to the right to get a single digit to the left side. As

In this example is only digit which is left to the decimal, and is between to

And as we have moved decimal point to place to the right, so we can write this digit in scientific notation.

When the movement of decimal is from right to left, the power of will be positive.

And when the movement of decimal place is from left to right, the power of will be negative.

Let’s understand this in a simple way.

Suppose, we have taken this number, where decimal point is right of the digit.

For getting single digit to the left, we need to move decimal point to the left upto places.

So, by formula, if movement of decimal point is left, then exponent goes up.

we move place left, so the power is positive


Scientific Notation is the way to show large number and smallest number

Using this formula we can give negative or positive power to .

The End