Simon Commission and its recommendations

Yashwant just passed out of 10th standard and he is going to enter +1 next year

But his parents decide what he has to study and Yashwanth has no say in it

That was what happened to India in short, before independence

In 1927, the British set up a commission, known as Indian Statutory Commission

That commission was also known as Simon Commission, named after the head of the commission

This commission was set up to review the constitution and suggest recommendations

But Indians weren’t happy with that commission as it didn’t contain at least one Indian

That made many Indians furious because they weren’t getting to decide their constitution

Protests were held nationwide to show their dissatisfaction

The commission landed in India, 1928 and was greeted with slogans ‘Simon go back’

To control the situation, police conducted lathi charges

Even leaders like Nehru weren’t spared and Lala Lajpat Rai, who was beaten, eventually died because of the injuries

Despite the protests, the commission wasn’t affected

The commission consisted of 7 people, set up to study the constitution and make recommendations

Recommendations of the Simon Commission

Simon commission published two volumes of the report in 1930, recommending reforms in the constitution

Let us look at some of the major recommendations of the Simon Commission

Simon commission recommended to remove Diarchy and establish an elective government

Diarchy means where a government is ruled by two parties

In elective government, people choose a person who will represent him in the government

Simon commission recommended to continue communal electorates

In communal electorates, people elect a member of their own community, so that their community is represented

They recommended an assembly, where these elected members would represent their provinces

The commission recommended that the governor has special powers to protect provinces and minority communities

They have also recommended that Burma(Myanmar), should have a different constitution, which was also under British control

This commission has marked another important event inroad to the independence of India

The commission has brought together a lot of people, leaders, thereby uniting India

The End