Single Citizenship

Ram is an India citizen.

his wife lara was pregant.

Unfortunately, Ram’s job was transferred to Australia.

As there was no one else to look after Lara, he had to take her along to Australia.

A daughter was born to Lara after 5 month in Australia.

Thus, the child essentially ended up with 2 nationalities;... nationality from her parents (i.e Indian Nationality) and from the country she is born in (i.e Australian Nationality) .

So accordingly, Lara’s daughter has dual citizenship, that is, she is consider the citizen of both countries.

But if Lara’s daughter was born in India itself...

Then Lara’s daughter would have only single citizenship of India.

A person born in a country gets the citizenship of that country.

Due to some situations as seen before, a person may become the citizen of more than one country too.

This depends on whether the laws in the country allow multiple citizenship or only single citizenship.

Here, let us understand about Single citizenship

Single citizenship means the citizens of one country cannot be citizens of another country.

For example, Indian citizens cannot be citizens of USA.

Similarly, citizens of other countries can not take Indian citizenship.

Citizenship refers to the status of a person under legal a constitutional laws as belonging to a particular country.

The Indian Constitution provides only a single citizenship status to all citizens born in India irrespective of the States or Union Territories.

Federal Governments like the USA provides citizenship, where the individual is a citizen of the country...

…and also of the particular state to which he/she belongs.

Federalism is a system of government in which the power is divided between two governments.

They are a central government (government for the entire country) and other governments are at the level of provinces or states.

Single citizenship promotes nationalism.

Under certain conditions we get an Indian Citizenship.

1> By Birth in India, we get the citizenship of India.

As we read previously about one case i.e if Lara’s daughter had been born in India.

In this case, she becomes the citizen of India.

2> It can also be through Naturalization.

This is when a foreigner comes to India for some government jobs and stays here for about 15 years.

Then he may get the citizenship of the India.

But for nationalisation, there are some rules;

It states that the person from the other country should stay in India for more than 14 years.

And he/she should apply for a citizenship from 12 months before the 14 years is completed.

3> We can also choose the citizenship by registration.

It means if the foreigner gets married to an Indian, and then stays in India for more than 7 years...

Then only a citizenship form is given to that person.

Single citizenship of India affords a person all rights and duties by the law in India.

We can also say that this will cause people to be loyal towards India and nationalism will be created among people.

Also, single citizenship will ensure a proper identity of the person as a person of a particular country.

Thus, this will work to integrate personal identity of people with the national identity.

The End.