Splendid Temples and Bronze Sculpture of the Cholas

A visit to Tamil Nadu

Rahul visited Tamil Nadu with his family and they were amazed to see so many impressive temples.

He asked his brother, “Who built such wonderful temples?” He replied “It's by King Raja Raja and Rajendra?”

Rahul asked, “What are those huge figures?” His brother corrected that those were sculptures.

“Also Rahul, these temples were built under the Chola dynasty, so they were known as Chola temples.”

They were centres of skill production too. Rahul asked his mother, “Mom, what is a skill production centre?”

She replied by saying it is the process of manufacturing sculptures by hand, either with or without tools.

Rahul requested, “Mom, can you please tell me more about temples of Tamil nadu.

Temples of Tamil Nadu

“Like who provided land for the temples?” His brother replied, “Rulers.”

He continued, “Production however goes to the specialists who maintains it”

“Such as priests, garland makers, cooks, sweepers, musicians, dancers, etc.”

“Temples were not only places of worship, but also centres of economic, social and cultural life as well”

Rahul asked, “What was the most common material used for sculptures?”

His brother said, “It was and is still bronze in most of the cases.”

His brother said, “Now I’ll tell you about sculpture in the temples.”

Sculptures in the temples

His mother added, “Bronze is used since it produces exceptional images in the whole world”

Rahul asked, “Whose images were used in the temples?”

His brother said, “Most images were of gods, although some images were made of followers as well”

Rahul and his family continued exploring the wonders of Tamil Nadu


Temples in Tamil Nadu were built by Rajaraja and Rajendra

They were and are structural and carved spectacles

Chola temples acted as the base of communities which grew around them

They acted as the centers of craft production, producing craft by hand with or without tools

The End