Summarizing a Passage

Moving from a big home to a smaller home is tiresome and difficult.

Very often, you may leave behind some stuff that’s less important than others.

You may also throw away, sell or even give away some articles that you don't need in new house.

You would also have placed the rest of the stuff properly to save space in the new house.

Summarizing is a lot like moving to a smaller home.

While summarizing, the important details are selected then the content is reduced.

You reject certain sentences that have little or no relation to the main idea.

You organize the points smartly so that they cover the main points of the passage.

Summarizing can be easy if you follow the following steps.

The first step to summarizing is reading the passage.

You must go through the passage and identify keywords.

If you know the right words, it becomes easy to shorten a lot of information.

Next, you must find the theme and main idea of the passage.

When you are reading the passage, look closely to find the theme and main ideas.

This will ensure that the focus of the summary is on the theme and main idea.

Finally, write down the summary and revise, if needed.

Make the summary and read it once. If you can imagine what the passage contains based on the summary, you have done it right!

You can also revise the first draft of the summary, if required.

Let’s revise!

Summarizing a passage means reducing its information into a limited number of words.

While summarizing, a few simple steps can be followed.

To create a summary, read the passage carefully, identify the keywords, theme and main ideas then write the summary in your own words.

The End!