Sunlight-White or Coloured?

For us, the sun is the natural source of light.

We notice that the natural light is white.

But when a rainbow comes, the white light splits into 7 different colours.

So from here, we can say that white light isn't actually white, it is a composition of all the 7 colours. To understand this we need to mix actual colours.

Let us first see what happens when the colours are mixed.

A painter smears different colours on a canvas to make new colours that he wants.

If red and green are mixed then we get yellow.

If blue and yellow are mixed then we get green.

So a single colour can be a composite mixture of two or more colours.

Now we will perform an experiment involving the sunlight streaming through our window.

Let's take a glass prism in a dark room and make a hole somewhere in the room so that a few rays of white light fall on the prism.

Now see what happens. The sunlight falls on the prism and it splits into seven different colours. VIOLET, INDIGO, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE and RED.

This phenomenon is called the dispersion of light. The arrangement of seven colours from violet to red is called the spectrum of visible light.

The spectrum not only has 7 colours but it has all the variations of the 7 colours.

So from here, we can say that the white light is a mixture of these seven colours.

The raindrops in the air act as a prism and disperse the sunlight into a rainbow.

Now let's see why the objects appear in colour.

We see that the leaves are green, flowers are of different colours, the sky is blue and so on.

The reason why the leaves are green is that the leaves absorb all the other colours in the white light and reflect green.

Red roses absorb all the colours except red. So that is the reason for the colours of objects.


Sunlight, in reality, is a composite mixture of seven different colours. We can see them in a rainbow.

The colours in the rainbow are VIOLET, INDIGO, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE and RED. Popularly abbreviated as VIBGYOR.

The spectrum of visible light is the arrangement of colours from violet to red.

All objects absorb all colours of the white light except the colour they appear.

The End