Temperature As Measure Of Hotness Or Coldness

Every day early in the morning...

...we drink a hot cup of tea and start our day

And whenever we feel like drinking something cold, we usually go for a cold drink

We have this amazing ability to touch an object and sense if it is or

Our skin is that sense organ which can sense the hotness and coldness of an object whenever we touch it

Just by touching we can say that tea is hot and the kettle in which the tea is made is even hotter

If we touch a very hot object, our skin senses the hotness and we feel a burning sensation. Eventually we leave the hot object.

Similarly just by touching we can say a drink is cold and the ice cube is even colder than a drink.

So here we can understand that skin as a sense organ plays a very important role in telling us about hotness or coldness of an object.

But our senses are not always reliable.

That is because the hotness or coldness we feel is not exactly accurate. The sensation may be false too.

There is a "classic experiment" which proves that our sense of hotness and coldness is not accurate.

Let us take three containers A, B, C, and put some in A, in B in C

Now let us dip our left hand in the hot water mug and the right hand in the cold water mug for 2 to 3 minutes

Thanks to our sense of touch, our right-hand feels cold as it is in cold water mug and our left-hand feels hot as it is dipped in hot water

After some time, say 3 minutes, let us dip both our hands simultaneously in the warm water mug

Surprisingly, our left hand will sense that the water is cold and the right hand will feel that the water is hot!

Confused !?!? Let's know why this happens..

Our left hand was in hot water. After some time, when it is put in the warm water, it will sense the hotness has reduced. So relatively it starts feeling colder.

Our right hand was in cold water. Now, when we put it in warm water, it will definitely sense that the hotness has increased. So it feels hotter.

Even though both the hands are placed in warm water simultaneously, our hands sense differently.

So we can understand why we cannot rely completely on our sense of touch to identify hot or cold.

Moreover we cannot always put our hand on a very hot object to sense its hotness because that's very impractical - we may get burned.

That is why we need an Accurate Method to perfectly measure the degree of hotness and coldness of an object

A reliable measure of the degree of hotness or coldness of an object is its .

Temperature is a fundamental quantity of an object and everything has some

Temperature is just like any other quantities such as the mass and length of an object

Just how length gives the idea about the shape and size of an object, temperature talks about its degree of hotness or coldness

Temperature of any object can be measured using a device called

The different scales of temperature we follow are Centigrade, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. We will discuss about them later.

So instead of relying on our sense of hotness or coldness, we can measure the temperature of an object accurately using a thermometer.

This is similar to lifting an object to get an idea if it is heavy or light, but to measure its mass accurately we need a balance!


Our sense of hotness and coldness is not very accurate.

A reliable measure of the hotness of an object is its temperature.

Temperature is measured using a thermometer.

The End