The Indian Constitution

Every game has some rules to play it.

Similarly,every society has some rules and regulations to live in it.

These rules are necessary to bind the society together.

Rules and regulations are necessary for proper functioning of the society.

These rules and regulations are formed by general agreement of all the members of the society.

They are usually available in written form.

A written document in which these rules and regulations are written is called constitution.

A Constitution is a set of rules that describes how the country will be governed.

It's like the rule book of the country.

It describes certain ideals we wish to live in.

It tells us the fundamental nature of the society.

Let's understand the historical background of the Indian Constitution

In 1934, the India National Congress first raised the demand of the Constituent Assembly to prepare the constitution for India.

In November 1946, a Constituent Assembly was formed to frame Constitution for India.

It took 2 years,11 months and 18 days to prepare the Indian Constitution.

Dr.BhimRao Ambedkar was the chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution.

We adopted our constitution on 26th November,1949.

Our Constitution was enforced on 26th January,1950.

Need/Importance of Constitution

It provides guidelines on how societies should be governed.It thus,helps in decision making.

It ensures that a dominant group should not misuse its power against less powerful group of people.

Constitution has made provisions that people's representatives should not misuse their power.

It has given fundamental rights to its citizens to protect them against any exploitation.

Our Constitution not only protect us against harm from others, it also protect us from harming ourselves.

Sometimes, we may take the wrong decisions and harm ourselves and society.

Because of this reason, our constitution has framed laws to ensure the smooth functioning of society.

Constitution also prevents the dominance of one community to another community.

Let's Revise

Constitution- A written document in which rules and regulations of how govt will be governed are written.

Historical Background

In November 1946, a constituent assembly was formed to frame the constitution of India.It's chairman was Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

Adoption date of Constitution- 26th November,1949 Enforcement date of Constitution- 26th January,1950

The End