The Story of Helmuth

An Hour in Library!

Rohan and Saksham were studying in their school library.

While flipping the pages of the book Rohan stopped at a picture of a boy and asked to Saksham about that boy.

Saksham replied, “He is Helmuth, a youngest anti Nazi German to be put to death for resistance to Nazi.”

Rohan asked, “But why he resisted Nazi?”

Saksham replied, “There’s a story behind his action.”

Saksham started to tell story of Helmuth

One day while lying in bed, Helmuth heard his parents discussing something in serious tones.

His father was saying whether the time has come to kill the entire family or if he should commit suicide alone.

The next day, his father took him to woods where they spent their last happy time together.

Later, His father shot himself in his office.

"But why did his father committed suicide? What did he do?" Rohan asked.

Saksham replied" he committed suicide because he was supporter of Nazi and Hitler and he was afraid that he was going to be killed Allies powers."

Rohan asked, “Then what happened to Helmuth after this incident?”

Shaksham replied, “He was so scared by this incident that he refused to eat at home for next nine years.”

He was afraid that his mother might poison him.

Rohan asked further, “You talked about Hitler. Who was Hitler and what was Nazism?”

Hitler and Nazi Party

Saksham replied, “Adolf Hitler was a leader of Nazi party who determined to make germany a mighty power.”

Nazism was a structure of ideas about the world and politics that was created and developed by Hitler.

Rohan was confused. He said, “If the Nazis were that much powerful then why they were afraid? Why did Hitler commit suicide?"

The Fear of Allies

Saksham explained, “In May 1945, Germany surrendered to Allies in second world war.”

In April, the entire family of Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker because of frae of Allies.

At end of the war, an International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg was set up to punish Nazi war criminals.

Rohan asked, “Who are these Nazi war criminals?”

Saksham replied, “These were the Nazi's who committed crime against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity.”

Rohan asked further, “They were so cruel. Were they punished?”

Shaksham said, “Yes, Nuremberg tribunal sentenced only eleven leading Nazis to death and many other were imprisoned for life.”

The punishment of the Nazis was far short of the brutality and extent of their crimes.

Rohan said, “So Helmuth father was afraid of punishment for his brutality.”

Saksham said, “Yes, you’re right. Now let’s move to class.”


Helmuth was afraid, after his father's suicide which he committed because of fear of allied powers from which Hitler lost the war.

Allies were the power led by UK and France, they fought against Axis Powers led by Germany in second world war.

Seeing his defeat Hitler committed suicide with his family and all his supporters who were part of Nazi crimes were afraid that Allies would kill them.

Nazi are the member of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party and a supporter of Adolf Hitler who committed crime against humanity.

An International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg was set up to punish Nazi war criminals and it gave death sentence to only 11 Nazis.

The End