Tropical evergreen forests

Let us begin our journey through all the different types of forests in India! First stop, evergreen forests!

The evergreen forests

Tropical evergreen forests are found in the regions of rainfall more than 200 centimeters.

There is no particular season in which all the trees of these forests shed their leaves.

Since they remain green throughout the year, they are called as evergreen.

They are found in the western ghats, Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar islands, parts of Tamil Nadu and the north-east region.

These flourish in areas having more than 200cm average rainfall, accompanied by a short dry season.

These forests are so dense that even sunlight can not penetrate.

The trees are almost 60 meters or more in height.

Due to the relief features like rain, sunlight and weather, these forests have many different plants and trees.

Trees, shrubs, and creepers are the major types of vegetation found here.

These different types of trees give the forest a layered structure, which we will study in the next section.

Layers of evergreen forests

The smallest layer is until about 1.5 metre, and is the ground layer.

The next layer comprises of shrubs, about 5 metre in length.

Up until 20 metres, the young trees layer is present.

The canopy layer is present at a height of about 40 metres and the emergent layer is found at a height of 60 metres.

Important flora and fauna found in evergreen forests

Let us now learn about the different flora and fauna found in tropical evergreen forests.

Commercially important trees found in the tropical evergreen forests include ebony and rubber.

Other trees include mahogany, rosewood, and cinchona.

The bark of the cinchona tree is used to make a variety of medicines.

Plenty of monkeys and lemurs can be found in tropical evergreen forests.

One can also find elephants and deer in the jungles.

In the forests of Assam and West Bengal, one horned rhinos are also found.

Plenty of sloths, birds, bats, and other animals are also found in these jungles.

Let us revise

Tropical evergreen forests exist in areas of heavy rainfall. They remain green all through the year.

Upperparts of Assam and Tamil Nadu, and the island regions of India have tropical evergreen forests.

Trees, shrubs, and creepers are found in evergreen forests, giving them a layered structure.

Ebony, rubber, mahogany, and rosewood are the commercially important trees found here.

Elephants, monkeys, lemurs, rhinos, and birds are majorly found in evergreen forests.