Types of Motion _ Part 1

Let us look around the objects in our surroundings. Can we say which objects are in motion and which are at rest ??

The objects like tables and benches never move and are always at rest.

While other objects like fans, vehicles, people around us - all can move.

In this story, let us focus on the objects which are in "Motion"

You must have observed a vehicle moving on a straight road.

And the march-past of soldiers in a parade.

Can you guess what is common in both these motions?

Yes, Both these motions are along a "". Can you think of more examples ?

Sprinters moving in a 100-meter race also move along a straight line.

This type of motion, where objects move along a straight line is called ""

Even a stone dropped from some height also travels in a straight line. Hence, this stone is also in a - Rectilinear motion.

Now, let's take the same stone, tie it to a string and whirl it above our head with our hand. Is this also rectilinear motion ?

No, now this stone does not move in a straight line, rather moves along a circular path.

We can also notice that the distance of the stone from our hand remains the same.

This type of motion where the object moves along the circumference of a circle is called "" .

Can you think of more examples, where objects are in circular motion ?

Planets revolving around sun is the best example of circular motion.

Satellites move around the Earth in a circular path. Thus, they are also in Circular Motion.

Cars moving in circular paths are also in circular motion.

Is a moving fan also in a circular motion ??

If you observe carefully - fans themselves are not in circular motion. As they are not moving in a circular path.

But the blades of the fan and any object on a blade of a fan will move along a circular path. Thus the object and the blades are in Circular motion.

The fans themselves or spin around an axis. This type of motion where objects rotate is called a "" .

Thus, fans are in rotatory motion whereas it's blades are in circular motion.

Similar to the fan, our Earth also performs Rotation as it spins around its axis.

So, we can say that Earth is having both and Motion.

We will discuss more examples of combination of motions in our later stories.

For now, let's take a REVISION

The type of motion, where objects move along a straight line is called "" .

The type of motion, where objects move along a circular path is called

If bodies spins around an axis, then this type of motion is called "" .

We will learn about other different kinds of motion in stories to follow, till then ... keep exploring :)