Units for Measuring Length

What is the thickness of your School ID card?

Usually the thickness of ID cards will be 0.7 - 0.8 millimetres.

Observe the units of measuring thickness here.

Millimetres is a smaller unit of measuring length.

We use millimetres to measure small lengths like thickness of ID cards, ATM cards, mobile phones etc.

If we want to find the length of a table, millimetre will be a very small unit

Can you guess which unit can be used to measure the length of a table?

In this case we use centimetre to measure the length.

Centimetre is another unit for measuring length.

Centimeters are used in measuring heights of people, lenght and breadth of tables etc

1 Centimetre = 10 milli metres.

If we want measure the length of foot ball field. we need bigger units than Centimetre

Metre is another unit of measuring length

Meters are used to measure longer lengths like lenght and breadth of football field,....

....length of a running track etc

Metres can also used to measure smaller distances like distance between school entrance and classroom etc.

If we want to measure larger distances like Distance from Mysore to Bangalore. We need bigger units.

When we need to go from one place to another place, we measure distance in kilometres.

In other words, kilometre is a measure of distance.

1 Kilometre = 1000 metres

Now can you identify the correct unit of measure for the given measures


The End