Use of commas in Indian system of numeration.

Abhishek went to market with his father.

There they bought fridge and an LED from the electronic shop.

The total bill of fridge and LED was . But, he was unable to read the number easily.

This also must have happened to you also that we have to separately count number of zeros and then read the actual number properly.

Let us try to learn an easy way to read such numbers.

It would be easier to read these numbers if they are separated using commas.

Let's see how can we use commas for easy reading.

Let us consider a big 9-digit number as

Now to read the number, we divide this number into groups as

We start first group from last digits

This group is ones group and it consists of last digits

This group is thousands group and it consists digits

This group is lakh group and it consists digits

And this group is crore group, it consists digits

So, we have divided this number into parts and accordingly named the groups.

And to make it simple, we put commas after each group.

Here we see that the commas separates the groups.

Now, it becomes very easy to read this number

We read this number as sixty four crore thirty eight lakh ninety four thousand seven hundred twenty five

And friends, remember that all these are in Indian System of Numeration, when we change to a different system, we will not be using this method.


We can represent a large number in the following Indian numbering system.

The End