Use of commas in International system of numeration.

Suppose your father wants to buy a car.

So, you and your father went to a car showroom

Now, the salesman showed some cars to your father.

And the prices were mentioned as above

So, you read the price of first car with the help of commas in Indian system of numeration as

But, the salesman told you these numbers are in another format as

So, you ask your father about this.

Your father replied that these are the international number system of numeration and we use commas at different positions in these numbers.

Let's discuss the use of commas in international system of numeration.

Suppose, we consider the place values of the number as

And we can define million as

Here, we can use commas to mark thousands and millions in the number.

And, after every three digits from the right we can place commas.

So, first comma marks thousands and the next comma marks millions.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose, we consider a digit number as

Now we put commas after every 3rd digit from the right

So we can read this number as

And in the Indian system, we can read it as

Now, we can find the relationship between the international system and Indian system as

If we have to express a number larger than a million, we use billion in the international system of numeration.


We can use commas to mark thousands and millions in the number.

And after every three digits from the right, we can place commas.

The End