We all need protection from diseases.

When a baby is born we celebrate it.

Also we have seen that they visit hospital or nearby anganwadi for tikakaran (vaccination).

These vaccinations are very important to protect the newly born.

From various deadly diseases by activating the immune system of the baby.

Before knowing vaccination lets discuss a story

During eighteenth century, people were suffering from the diseases known as chicken and cow pox.

One day noticed something.

He found that a person once infected with cowpox gets immune to chickenpox.

He then infected a healthy boy with cowpox and later the boy failed to develop chicken pox.

This is the first time vaccination was used.

And Edward Jenner invented a very important tool of medical science known as .

Let us discuss about Vaccination

The introduction of vaccine into the body to develop immunity against a particular disease,is known as Vaccination.

The vaccine can be used by injection also.

It can also be given orally like in the case of Polio.

Let us now know about how Vaccine provides Immunization

Vaccine is basically weak or killed pathogen which are introduced into a healthy person.

Vaccines provide immunity due to the formation of memory cells.

In future if a person who had vaccination is infected by the pathogen can produce T and B lymphocytes to eliminate it.

As the existing T and B lymphocytes are able to recognize the pathogen.

Let us see the Types of Immunization

The vaccination that induces the generation of antibodies by the immune system of body is active Immunization.

When antitoxins are injected into the patient like in tetanus and snake bite, it is passive Immunization.


The introduction of vaccine in the body to develop immunity against a particular disease is Vaccination

Vaccination was first developed by Edward Jenner for smallpox.

Vaccination provide immunity against various diseases.

Immunization is the ability to provide immunity against a particular pathogen.

Immunization can be either Active immunization or Passive immunization.

The End.