Water in Our Daily Life-Sources

India is known as the land of rivers and streams.

The important rivers in India are Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, etc.

These rivers provide water which is used for various domestic or industrial activities.

The water that we use for drinking is freshwater and can be obtained from many sources.

Let us learn about important sources of water.

The distribution of water on the earth's surface is as above

Oceans cover a major portion of water. But it contains salt and dissolved minerals.

Similar to Oceans, Seas are also an important source of water.

Since water from Oceans and Seas contain salt and dissolved minerals, the water needs to be purified before usage.

Let us move ahead to find the sources of freshwater.

A good proportion of freshwater is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps

Therefore only a small percentage of freshwater is available for regular use through rivers, streams, groundwater, and ponds.

Rainfall helps in recharging of the rivers, streams, and ponds

When rainwater seeps into the soil, it gets collected above the bedrock forming water table which is known as groundwater.

However, the geographical location of a particular place determines the amount of rainfall it receives.

Let us classify the geographical location of places on the basis of rainfall.

The geographical location of places are divided into two types: Leeward Side Windward Side

Let us learn about the windward side.

The Windward side places are those which lie on the side of mountains which receive rainfall

Whenever winds carrying moisture rises higher, the water molecules condense and as a result, there is a heavy rainfall

For example, India lies on the Windward side of the Himalayas

Now we will discuss the Leeward side places.

The leeward side places lie on that side of mountains which do not receive any rainfall

The winds after providing a heavy shower on windward side cross the mountain

But these winds don’t have any moisture in them. As a result, the places remain dry

The Leeward side is also called Rainshadow zone.

For instance, tibet lies on the Leeward side of Himalayas.


Oceans and seas are the major sources of water on earth.

Freshwater sources are rivers, streams, ponds which are recharged periodically using rainfall.

Rain Shadow zones are those which do not receive rainfall and are also known as Leeward side

Windward Side is those places which receive heavy rainfall.

The End