Water in Our Daily Life - Uses

Water is a divine source of all the living organisms.

Water is an important resource obtained from nature which is utilized regularly in our daily life

Chemically the water is represented by which is formed by the reaction of and .

Let us learn a few interesting facts about the water in the human body.

70% of the human body consists of water.

Water helps in easy digestion of food and also provides important minerals

Moreover, it also keeps the body in a hydrated state.

Let us move forward to discuss the uses of water in our daily life.

Water is mainly used for drinking purpose.

It is also utilized for cleaning vegetables and fruits.

The cooking of food is done using water.

Water is also used in household activities like cleaning and washing

It is also used for brushing our teeth and bathing.

Whereas various cooling appliances utilize water as a cooling agent.

Let us discuss the significance of water for plants.

Plants use the water for photosynthesis

Water helps in easy absorption of minerals from the soil into the plants.

An adequate amount of water is necessary for blooming of flowers and the formation of fruits

Let us now discuss some commercial uses of water.

For commercial activities like agriculture, water is crucial.

Ships and Submarines use water bodies as a path for transportation.

Water is also used in the industries.

Water is utilized in industries as coolants for machines

As water is a universal solvent, it is used in many processes.


Water is an important natural resource which is represented as .

Many life processes, daily household works, agriculture, trading is dependent on water

Water is utilized by plants for photosynthesis and growth

Industries also use water for many activities.

The End