What's a Circuit

Every day we take a journey from our home to school and back home

We travel from our home to school and back on either roads or footpaths

Similarly, objects like trains also take journeys from one station to another and return

And just like us, trains also travel in a fixed path that is on railway tracks to complete the journey

Just like all of us, electrons also take a journey from a source (like a battery) to a load (like a bulb) and return

Electrons also have a restricted path in which it should complete its journey from the source to load. We call this as Electrical Circuit

An electrical circuit is a path or line through which all electrical charges flow

And when electrons flow, they produce current in the electrical circuit. So, electrical current is nothing but the flow of electrons

Electrical Circuits are everywhere, they are present in a small device such as a cell phone

They are also present even in something as large as an Electrical grid. Even all the devices in our houses are connected to electrical circuits

All the electrical circuits few things common in them

All the wires in circuits are made up of Conductors like copper which let the electrons easily flow through them

All the electrical circuits all form a closed path for current to flow

Apart from these, there can be different components and devices (like fans and lights) in an electric circuit

For simplicity all these components are represented by their respective symbols

Let's discuss few other Components of Electric Circuit

The main source of energy in an Electrical circuit is the cell, which produces current and voltage across the circuit

And its symbol is as shown above

The group of these cells forms a battery, which can supply a large amount of electric current

And in a circuit, there will be a component like an electric bulb that consumes electric currents to glow and produce heat. We call such devices as load

Whereas the flow of current in the circuit is regulated by the help of a switch

When a switch is open, the circuit becomes open. Thus, no current flows through it

And when the switch is closed the circuit becomes closed, making the flow of current possible in the circuit

All these above components are connected with the help of a conducting wire


Circuit is a closed path that allows electricity to flow from one point to another

And the path on which current flows is known as an electrical circuit

Every electric Circuit is made of certain components such as Cell, Battery, Wires, Switch, Bulb etc..,

The end