Wildlife of India

Let us now take a journey through the country, and spot some amazing wildlife.

Like the flora, Indian fauna is also rich and a joy to behold.

There are about 90000 animal species to be found in India.

Around 2000 species of birds can also be found here.

There are nearly 2500 species of fish to be found in India.

India’s amphibians, reptiles, and mammals contribute around 5 to 8% of the world’s stock.

Now let us talk about the animals found in different regions of India

Among the mammals, the elephants are the largest and most majestic animals found.

They are found in the areas of Assam, Karnataka, and Kerala.

In the swampy and marshy areas of Assam and West Bengal, one can also find the one-horned rhinoceros.

Wild ass can be found in the arid areas of the Rann of Kachchh.

Camels are found in the arid areas of the Thar desert.

Several breeds of monkeys, nilgai, gazel, chousingha, and different species of deer are found across India.

India is the only country in the world to have both lions and tigers.

The Gir forest of Gujarat is home to the Indian lions.

Tigers are found in the forests of Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, and Karnataka.

The Himalayas provide habitat to animals that can survive in the extreme cold conditions.

The yak, bharal (blue sheep), and wild sheep are found here.

Thick-haired animals include the shaggy horn wild ibex, sheep, and goats.

Rivers, lakes, and coastal areas are home to turtles, crocodiles, and gharials.

Bird life of India

Birds found in India are incredibly beautiful and colourful.

Peacocks, ducks, cranes, pheasants, and parakeets are found all over the country.

Pigeons are a common bird found even in residential areas!

Let us take a quick revision

Indian wildlife is beautiful, and represents a large share of the world’s wildlife.

There are about 90000 species of animals, 2000 bird species, and 2500 fish species in India.

Elephants, lions, tigers, and many other animals are found in India.

India is the only country where both lions and tigers are found.

India also is home to many species of monkeys and deer.

The Himalayan regions are home to animals that can survive the cold. These include yak, Tibetan antelope, ibex, and wild sheep.

The rivers and coastal areas of India are home to turtles and crocodiles.

India’s birds are beautiful and colorful. Peacocks, cranes, parakeets, pheasants, pigeons, and ducks are common all over the country.