Word problems using basic Arithmetic Operations

In this session we shall solve some word problems using basic arithmetic operations.

Example 1

Shekhar so far scored 6980 runs in test matches.

But Shekhar aims for 10,000 runs.

To find the runs needed to score, we need to subtract 6980 from 10000

Subtracting 6980 from 10000 gives 3020

Hence, shekhar needs to score 3020 more runs to complete 10000 runs

Example 2

To find this we need to add the number of tickets sold on all three days

Therefore, sum of the total tickets sold on all the days is 5657

Example 3

Each copy has 12 pages.

Also, 11,980 copies are printed in a day.

Total number of pages printed in a day are 143760

Example 4

Cost of one radio set =1200

Swetha ordered 40 radio sets.

Swetha had Rs 78,592 with her.

To find remaining money that Swetha had after purchasing 40 radio sets. Subtract money that she spent from the money she had.

Mone left with Shwetha = Rs 30952


In this session we have solved some word problems using basic arithmetic operations.

The End