Words that act as both nouns and verb

Chameleon changes its appearance according to the surroundings. Some words are like that too!

Some words can be used as both nouns that refer to a person, place or thing, and verbs that refer to actions.

Let’s take a look at this sentence. See that the first use of “attack” is a noun; the second is a verb. refer to actions.

Let’s see how to identify words as “Nouns” or “Verbs”

Nouns will usually have a determiner (whose, that, an, the, this…) before them.

We can understand determiners as words that go before nouns to tell us about them in a little more detail.

The determiner 'that' before the noun ‘book’ tell us which book is being talked about. Various parts of speech can be determiners.

A verb will not have a determiner but will usually have an object.

Now let’s see some sentences that have the same word used as a noun and a verb.

The first use of ‘catch’ is as a noun with a determiner (dropped) before it. The second one is a verb (with the object ‘it’.)

The first ‘note’ is a noun with a determiner (whose) before it. The second is a verb (with the object ‘today’s activities’.)

Pronunciation is important for such words.

Words may change pronunciation depending on whether they are verbs or nouns. Let’s see how.

In the sentence, “My conduct is always professional,” the words ‘conduct’ is used as a noun. Here, the stress is placed on the first syllable (CONduct).

Whereas in “I conduct myself in a professional manner,” the word ‘conduct’ is used as a verb. Here, the stress is placed on the second syllable (conDUCT).

‘Attribute’ is another such word that is pronounced differently as a verb and as a noun.

The pronunciation of such words depends on whether they are a verb or a noun.

Let’s Revise!

Some words can be used as both, a noun and as a verb.

We can identify nouns by the presence of determiners before them, Verbs usually appear with objects.

The pronunciation of some words that are used as both, nouns and verbs varies. This helps us in identifying such words easily.