Writing A Notice

We live in a fast paced world.

Things are constantly happening, changing, and improving.

New medicines are being discovered.

Old bridges are being repaired.

Technology is finding new ways to meet our needs.

It is important to keep up with all these changes.

Reading the newspaper, or surfing the internet can help us stay updated.

Checking the bulletin boards in schools and offices can also give us information.

The type of information found on a bulletin board is known as a ‘Notice’.

A notice is a written or printed announcement.

It is a formal way of informing people about a past or future event.

It is usually quite short and to the point.

We can write a notice about an upcoming competition, or a school trip.

We can also write a notice about an exhibition, or a lost and found item.

Any information that has to reach a lot of people, can be conveyed with a notice.

Let us take a closer look at how a notice is written.

A notice is a formal document and has a strict format.

Let us imagine that we are writing a notice to tell students of grade 7 about a picnic.

Lets look at each aspect of a Notice one by one.

The heading is the name of the institution issuing the notice.

This should be written in the center of the first line.

In our notice, we would write the name of the school where the students study- ABC Public School.

The center of the next line must have the word 'NOTICE'.

This should come under the name of the institution.

It is very important that we write the word 'NOTICE' in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Then we write the date on which the notice is being written.

This is written on the left hand side of the next line.

The title of the notice is written in the center of the next line.

Our title should be short, crisp, and should get the point across.

The title of our notice could be ‘School Picnic- Grade 7’.

We must now write a short paragraph explaining our notice.

This paragraph is called a brief.

Our brief can provide information about the trip, and the last day to register.

After the brief, we must answer the 'when', 'where', and 'who'.

The ‘when’ includes the date and time of the picnic.

The ‘where’ includes the location of the picnic.

The ‘who’ describes who can come for the picnic. In our notice, it is only for the 7th-grade students.

These questions are answered using bullet points.

We end the notice by signing the name and designation of the issuing authority.

The issuing authority is the person writing the notice- in this example it is us.

Our designation could be the Principal of the school ABC.

This is written in the last two lines of the notice, on the left-hand side.

Let us go over what we have learnt about writing a Notice.

A written or printed announcement is known as a notice.

It gives information to a large number of people.

We use formal language while writing a notice.

Our notice has a fixed format which must be followed at all times.

That's All Folks!