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Write a paragraph on Winter Season.

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  1. The two sides of the planet experience winter during different quarters of the year.

  2. Winters are cold, dry and silent.

  3. The most beautiful things about winters are the mornings when the streets are dark, foggy, quiet and cold.

  4. Winters give a chance to everyone to stay home with families and enjoy hot chocolates and dinner.

  5. Some flowers and plants bloom only during winters.

  6. Winters bring beautiful festivals like Christmas and New Year celebrations.

  7. The best time for students during winter is the vacations.

  8. Winters bring a chance for everyone to start things fresh, every winter brings a new opportunity for everyone.

  9. Just like the trees grow new leaves when the winters are over, everyone starts afresh.

  10. Winter teaches us to have warmth and kindness in our hearts.

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