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Classical Idea of Redox Reactions

Redox Reactions
Class 11


To know the different perspectives to define oxidation and reduction.

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Introduction to Redox Reactions


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Which of the following is a redox reaction ?

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Which of the following statement is correct for the oxidation reaction?

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Consider the following statements:
(a)  An oxidation reaction can proceed only in the company of a reduction reaction.
(b)  Ionic reactions taking place in aqueous solution are generally fast.
(c)  The precipitate of copper sulphide is red in colour.
(d)  Silver can displace copper from an aqueous solution of copper sulphate.

Which of the above statements are correct?

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For this reaction, element is reduced and element Y is oxidised. Then and are respectively:

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Which change happens when changes to ?

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Find oxidation and reduction in following reactions:

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Consider the following reaction, taking place in a container fitted with a movable piston.

Suppose we place two moles each of and in the reaction vessel at , and adjust the volume to give a total pressure of . The reaction is ignited by a spark, and goes to completion. The temperature is returned to .
Which of the following best describes this system after reaction is complete?

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Complete the following reactions:

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Justify that the reaction : is redox reaction.

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Which reaction is NOT a redox reaction?

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