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Electron Transfer in Redox Reactions

Redox Reactions
Class 11


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Redox in Terms of Electrons


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For the balancedredox reaction

which of the following statement(s) is/ are correct?

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In the formation of electrovalent compound name the substance that is oxidized and is reduced.

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Identify from the following reactions the reactants that undergo oxidation and reduction.

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When reacts with hydrogen, .......... is reduced.

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In the reaction: .

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On the basis of the following values, the strongest oxidising agent is:


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Indicate whether the following conversions represent an oxidation, a reduction or none (neither oxidation nor reduction).
(i) to    (ii) to    
(iii) to    (iv) to
(v) to

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In the reaction, , chlorine is?

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A molecule is reduced means it:

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Combining equal volumes of , and does not produce a precipitate of .

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