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Formation of Adjectives

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Formation of Adjectives from Nouns - example

Many adjectives are formed from nouns. Given are the examples of adjectives formed from nouns: 
Noun - boy; Adjective - boyish
Noun - youth; Adjective - youthful
Noun - wonder; Adjective - wonderful
Noun - glory; Adjective - glorious

Formation of Adjectives from Verbs - definition

Adjectives may also be formed from verbs. Given are the examples of adjectives formed from verbs:
Verb - tire; Adjective - tireless
Verb - talk; Adjective - talkative
Verb - help; Adjective - helpful

Formation of Adjectives from other Adjectives - definition

Some adjectives are formed from other adjectives. Given are the examples of adjectives formed from adjectives:
Adjective - tragic; Adjective - tragical
Adjective - sick; Adjective - sickly
Adjective - black; Adjective - blackish

Compound Adjectives - definition

Adjectives can be formed by joining two or more words together. Such adjectives are called compound adjectives. They are usually separated using a hyphen. For example, well-known, brightly-lit, twenty-storey.

Compound Adjectives - example

Compound adjectives can be formed from certain words. 
For example, take a look at this sentence:
There was a delay of ten minutes at the railway station.
This sentence can be re-written as:
There was a ten-minute delay at the railway station.
Here, "ten-minute" is a compound adjective formed from the words "ten" and "minutes." Ten-minute is a compound adjective modifying the noun "delay".