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Revisiting Surface Area and Volumes

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Volume of Cuboid - formula

Volume of Cuboid
length of cuboid
breadth of cuboid
height of the cuboid.

Surface Area of Cuboid - formula

Surface Area of Cuboid
where length of cuboid
          breadth of cuboid
          height of cuboid

Volume of Cube - formula

Volume of cube
where, side of the cube.

Total Surface Area of Cube - formula

Total Area of Cube
is the side of the cube.

Surface Area of Cylinder - formula



Volume of Cylinder - formula

Volume of Cylinder
radius of the cylinder
height of the cylinder

Volume of Hollow Cylinder - definition

Volume of Hollow Cylinder
outer radius
inner radius

Surface Area of Cone - formula



Volume of Cone - formula

Volume of Cone
radius of the cone.
height of the cone.

Surface Area of Sphere - formula

Surface Area of Sphere
where , radius if the sphere

Volume of Sphere - formula

Volume of Sphere
is the radius of the sphere.

Volume of Hemisphere - formula

Volume of Hemisphere