Common Gender in Nouns


Everything around us - people, places, animals, things - has a name.


These different names used by us are called nouns.

But, we have to use nouns wisely depending on the gender being spoken about.

We know that in English, gender tells us about the state of being male or female.


When we talk about any male noun, it is classified under masculine gender.

For example: Nouns like boy, man, peacock, lion, landlord fall under the masculine gender.

And when we use any female noun, it is classified under feminine gender.

For example: Nouns like girl, woman, hen, lioness, landlady fall under feminine gender.

But these aren’t the only two genders used in English.

In fact, there are four genders in English.

So now, let’s have a look at what common gender is.

We should start with an example to have a better understanding.


The teacher did not come to school today.

In the sentence, “teacher” and “school” are the nouns being used.

But the noun “teacher” doesn’t helps us in understanding the gender of the teacher.

The is because a teacher could be a man or a woman.

Let us look at another example.


Today, Mr. Josh threw a party for his entire team.

Here, when we look at the noun ‘team’, we cannot make out the gender of the team. This is because a team can have both male and female members.

So, in English, a noun used to address both male and female groups is known as a Common Gender noun.


But remember! A common gender noun doesn't mean a noun with no gender. The noun could be masculine or feminine.

But also keep in mind, that the subject being spoken about should have a gender for it to be a common gender noun.

Material things like pen, football, car aren’t considered common gender nouns because they are neither masculine nor feminine.

Time for a quick recap.


There are four different genders in English: Masculine, feminine, common, neuter.

A noun used to address both male and female groups is known as a Common Gender noun.

Material things aren’t considered common gender nouns.