Introduction to Adverbs


John and Mark walk to school everyday.


John reaches school on time but Mark is always late for school.

This is because John walks fast and Mark walks slow.

So, we can see that John and Mark do the same action of walking but differently.

Not only John and Mark, everybody has his own way of doing a particular action.

Like some dance gracefully and some dance forcefully.

So, 'gracefully' and 'forcefully' are words that describe how people dance, thus modifying the action of dancing.

In English Language, the words which modify action words or verbs are called Adverbs.

Adverbs say as to how, when, where, and how often an action is done.

Let's understand adverbs by taking the story of Mark and John further.


John and Mark often ate secretly at a restaurant in the evening. Once they were caught red-handed by their father and they had to spill all their secrets out.

When father asked where they had been to eat, they answered 'at a restaurant'.

When he asked them, when they had been to eat at the restaurant, they answered 'in the evening'.

And when father asked them, how many times they ate at the restaurant, they answered 'often'.

We also know that Mark and John ate secretly at a restaurant, which answers the question, how they ate there.

So, 'at a restaurant', 'in the evening', 'often', and 'secretly' are all adverbs, which modify 'eating'.

Adverbs have a very interesting nature.


Adverbs not only modify verbs, but also adjectives and sometimes other adverbs.

Let's understand this by taking instances from the life of John and Mark.


John is very studious but he can't score good marks in the exams. So, Mark motivates him so that he can perform better.

We know that adjectives describe the quality of an individual. So, being 'studious' is a quality of John. Hence, it's an adjective.

Now, when we want to know how much studious John was, we get the answer 'very' studious.

Thus, we see how an adverb modifies an adjective.

Mark motivates John so that he can perform better. So, perform is an action word or a verb.

Now when we ask up to what degree Mark can perform, we get the answer 'better'. So, 'better' is an adverb.

So, we can see how an adverb modifies a verb.

Now, let's see how adverbs modify other adverbs.

One day Mark and John were playing football too skillfully. We know 'skillfully' is an adverb as it tells us how they were playing.

Now, 'too' answers with how much skill they were playing. So, adverb 'too' modifies adverb 'skillfully'.

Thus, we have seen how adverbs modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.

Time for a quick RECAP.


Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives and sometimes other adverbs.

Adverbs tell us as to how, when, where and how often an action has happened.

The End