Neuter Gender in Nouns


Different names are used by us for different things, people, places , and animals.


These different names used by us are referred to as nouns.

But, these nouns have to be used wisely according to the gender been spoken about.

We know that in English, gender tells us about the state of being male or female.


All the male nouns fall under masculine gender.

For example: Nouns like boy, man, peacock, lion, landlord fall under masculine gender.

And all the female nouns fall under feminine gender.

For example: Nouns like girl, woman, peahen, lioness, landlady fall under feminine gender.

But these aren’t the only two genders used in the English.

In fact, there are four genders in English.

So now, let’s have a look at what neuter gender is.

Let us begin with an example to have a better understanding.


Swaroop recently bought a sea-facing apartment in Mumbai.

In the sentence, the noun “sea-facing apartment” being talked about is a material thing.

And since the “apartment” is a material thing, it isn’t either masculine or feminine in gender.

Also as it is a material thing, we cannot use any male or female pronouns for it.

Let us look at another example.


The tree has lost all its leaves.

Here let us look at the noun “tree”.

We observe that a tree falls into the list of things that do not have an animal life.

So, due to this reason, a tree cannot be classified into either masculine or feminine gender.

Hence, the nouns we use to refer to material things are called Neuter Gender nouns.


We use this type of noun mainly whenever we refer to things that do not have animal life.

The gender being spoken about can belong to either masculine gender or feminine gender.

This type of noun is also sometimes used when we aren’t sure about the gender of the subject spoken about.

Time for a quick recap.


We should choose the nouns wisely based on the gender being talked upon.

There are four different genders in English: Masculine, feminine, common, neuter.

The nouns used to refer to material things or to things that do not have an animal life are called Neuter Gender nouns.

That's all Folks!