Use of Percentages

Suppose, the elections were held in your city.

But it was noticed that the vote is not casted everywhere. Out of the total number of citizens, only casted their votes.

So we can say that only 40% of people casted their votes.

Similarly, we use the percentage because it is a very handy way of writing fractions or decimals.

Let’s see the use of percentage in our real life.

Percentages are the most efficient way of representing the data in max of 3 digit integers. Like in previous example, a data about could be presented as %.

The loan, interest & discount etc also are written in the percentage form.

If not, we will have to give full description about the schemes.

In other words, this is the optimized and efficient way of representation.

Percentage is also useful to find out the change for a particular interval.

Let’s see how percentage is useful to quantify a change.

Suppose, a company buys some shares of total amounts lakhs. But, all shares could be sold only for lakhs.

Therefore, if we calculate the difference, we get

SInce this is a loss and not everytime we can state a big numbers, so this amount should be calculated in percentage.

So we write this huge difference in the form of percentage as

Thus, we can say that company had a loss of .


Percentages are the important part of life because it is a handy way of writing and also the optimized and efficient way of representation.

Any huge data can be presented in form of percentage with reference to other in maximum of 3 digits.

The End