In spite of everything even a favourite team may lose the game, if its opponents _________.

are favoured by chance and circumstances.
have just as good material.
are smarter.
are more relaxed than usual.
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The given passage is about the beginning of a gaming season where a reporter usually interviews a coach and how he talks about his players. We need to complete the line following the passage, "In spite of everything even a..,if its opponents...". Option A is correct as it best matches the line from the passage, "or the better luck of his opponent", where "by chance and circumstances" means "better luck". Options B, C and D are incorrect because none of these phrases are mentioned, or suggested by the passage. The reasons a team would lose are given as, "overconfidence, injuries, error on the field and better luck of his opponent" apart from which there are no other reasons as given in these options.

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