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What are the various challenges faced by political parties?

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The various challenges faced by political parties are:
Lack of Internal democracy:
• Every member of the party does not have a chance to take part in the decision-making process.
• Every member is not consulted before taking a decision.
• There is no proper organisation or registration of members.
• Power remains in the hands of a few top leaders, who do not consult ordinary members.
• Ordinary members have no information about the internal working of the party.
Dynastic Succession: With power in the hands of a few top leaders, all party positions go to their family members. These members may not be qualified or have the ability to hold their positions.

Money and Muscle Power:
• Money is needed to organise demonstrations, public meetings, and speeches to publicise the image of the party. Parties choose those candidates who can raise money for the party and win elections with their money.
• Sometimes parties also support criminals candidates because they can win elections.

The meaningful choice to others: Most of the political parties have the same fundamental and ideological issues. Voters do not have a meaningful choice. Even leaders keep changing parties, thus confusing the voter.

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