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Real Life Applications
3 min read

Cell : The Unit Of Life

- Do you want to know how the things you study are useful in the real world. Let's explore.
Role of Insulin in Making the Blood Sugar Available to the Cells Glucose is produced in our body by the digestion of carbohydrates that we eat. Now this glucose is absorbed by the blood from the digestive system and from blood it is to be provided to each and every cell. This is facilitated by the action of hormone insulin which is involved in making the glucose available to the cells in the body. Let us watch a video to understand the process.
Insulin and the Regulation of Glucose in the Blood
3 mins
Insulin Pump
2 mins
Osmosis in Real Life Wilted plants are made normal by adding water. How does that happen? It is by the process of osmosis that occurs at the cellular level. Go through the illustration and the video given below for understanding the importance of osmosis in real life.
Why is osmosis important ?
2 mins
Saltwater Gargling Treatment for Sore Throat: A Cellular Process Saltwater gargles to provide relief from sore throat - BUT How? What is the principle behind it? Let us watch this video to know more.
Can Gargling Salt Water Cure a Sore Throat?
3 mins