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Laws Of Motion

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Galileo's Law of inertia
The concept of inertia was first introduced my Galileo where he discussed that the state of rest and state of uniform motion are equivalent as no external force acts on them. Newton further built on these ideas to formulate the first law of motion. Let's understand the findings of Galileo's experiments.
Galileo's Analysis on Motion (GA_M-NLM07)
4 mins
Free-body Diagrams
A free body diagrams depicts all the forces acting on a body at a given point of time and it is very useful for determining the dynamics of the motion and problem solving. Check out this informative video to learn how to draw a free body diagram.
Free-Body Diagrams
7 mins
Motion of a body on an inclined plane
The effective acceleration of a body sliding down a slope depends on the frictional force experienced by it. Check out this cool video to understand the dynamics of such a motion.
Motion of a Block on a Rough Inclined Plane
7 mins
Non Inertial frame of reference and Centrifugal Force
Centrifugal force is a pseudo force that can be experienced by an object in a rotating frame only. Let us understand more about the centrifugal force.
Understanding Centrifugal force - Part 2 - Physics
4 mins
Banking of Roads
When vehicles travel along circular paths they tend to experience a centripetal force and there is a change of  skidding. Let us check out this video to visualize how friction acts on a vehicle moving on a circular banked road.
Banking of Roads I
5 mins