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A major advantage of the corporate form of organization is __________.


reduction of double taxation


limited owner liability


legal restrictions


ease of organization



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Correct option is

reduction of double taxation

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'Shan Spices Ltd.' is the manufacturer of different food specific spices like Rajmaa Masala, Cholley Masala, AalooParantha Masala etc. Mr Raghav, the owner of the company has created different departments for purchase, production, marketing, finance and human resource. There are thirty employees working in the organisation. Planning is of paramount importance to the company as Mr Raghav believes that effective planning leads to achievement of organisational objectives. So in order to make employees focus on objectives, he issued instructions that during working hours only official matters will be discussed. He made certain rules and code of conduct for the employees to follow, according to which employees are not allowed to visit and talk to the employees of other departments except for official work. He emphasized on work performance which resulted in smooth functioning of the organisation.
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