A man weighing 65 kgf is in a lift that is ascending with a uniform acceleration that is equal to the acceleration due to gravity. His apparent weight in the lift will be




65 kgf


32.5 kgf


130 kgf



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Correct option is D)

D option 
see second figure:-
apparant weight


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The ratio of the weights of a man in a stationary lift and in a lift accelerating downward with a uniform acceleration '' is . The acceleration of the lift is:

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A man of mass 'm' stands on a weighing machine in a lift
List - I List-II
(a) Lift moves up with uniform acceleration a 
(d) mg
(b) Lift moves down with uniform acceleration a(e) m(ga)
(c) Lift moves down with uniform velocity(f) m(g-a)

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The apparent weight of a person in a lift moving downwards is half his apparent weight in the same lift moving upwards with the same magnitude of acceleration. Acceleration of the lift is:

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A man of mass is on the floor of a lift. Match the following.
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a) Lift is moving up with acceleration ae) Apparent weight is greater than true weight
b) Lift is moving down with acceleration a f) Apparent weight is zero
c) Lift is moving with uniformly velocityg) Apparent weight is equal to true weight
d) Lift is freely fallingh) Apparent weight is less than true weight

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When a lift is going up with uniform acceleration, the apparent weight of a person is
When the lift is stationary, his apparent weight is
When the lift falls freely his apparent weight is
When the lift is going down with uniform acceleration which is less than the acceleration due to gravity, his apparent weight is
The increasing order of these four weights is

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