The reptilian character observed in Archaeopteryx

Vertebral column extends up to the tail
Presence of feathered wings
Presence of beak
Streamlined body
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Archaeopteryx was obtained by A. Wagner, 1861 from 180 million years old rocks of Jurassic period. It is a connecting link between reptiles and birds and provides fossil proof of the evolution of birds from reptiles (dinosaurs). Its reptilian characters are the presence of jawed teeth, clawed fingers, long tail with free caudal vertebrae and keel less sternum. The avian characters of Archaeopteryx are the presence of body feather, modification of forelimbs into wings, V-shaped furcula and bird like-girdle and limb bones. The presence of beak, streamline body and feathered wings are avian characters, not reptilian. Thus, the correct answer is option A.

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