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992212449 nal fats ha Formation of coal and petroleum Coal and petroleum have been formed from biomass which has been subje various biological and geological processes. Coal is the remains of treeheltn You mu ees, tern other plants that lived millions of years ago. These were crushed into the said to perhaps by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. They were pressed down by la earth and rock. They slowly decayed into coal. Oil and gas are the remains of uld be of tiny plants and animals that lived in the sea. When they died. their bodies sam the sea bed and were covered by silt. Bacteria attacked the dead remaina them into oil and gas under the high pressures they were being subjec o 4 S rat ost Meanwhile, the silt was slowly compressed into rock. The oil and gas seeped in porous parts of the rock, and got trapped like water in a sponge. Can you gut coal and petroleum are called fossil fuels? ess at od


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