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(A) Fenestra (B) Pedical (C) Lacinia (D) Flagellum, E) Gelea (F) Mentum (G) Palpifer (H) Cardo (I) Glossa

Which of the above is found in the first pair of maxillae in the case of a cockroach?


C, E G and H


A, C, E and I


A, F, G and I


B, E, G and I


The mouth of cockroach is made up of the following main parts, mandible, labrum, labium, and maxilla. The maxilla is situated behind the mandible and is made up of two parts cardo and stripe. Maxillary palpifer is present on the stripe. There are two lobes present on stripe namely an outer galea and inner lacinia. So, the correct answer is option A.

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