A man walks on a straight road from his home to a market  away with a speed of . Finding the market closed, he instantly turns and walks back home with a speed of . What is the
(a) magnitude of average velocity, and
(b) average speed of the man over the interval of time
(i)  to ,
(ii)  to  
(iii)  to

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Distance to market
Speed with which he goes to market
Speed with which he comes back
(a)Average velocity is zero since his displacement is zero.
(i)Since the initial speed is 5km/s and the market is 2.5 km away,time taken to reach market: minutes.
Average speed over this interval
(ii)After 30 minutes,the man is travelling wuth 7.5 km/h speed for 50-30=20 minutes.The distance he covers in 20 minutes :
His average speed in 0 to 50 minutes:
(iii)In 40-30=10 minutes he travels a distance of :

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