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A pressure , velocity of light and acceleration due to gravity g are chosen as fundamental units, then dimensional formula of mass is 






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and represent the physical quantities resistance, inductance and capacitance respectively. Which one of the following combination has dimensions of frequency?

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If  x,v and a denote the displacement, the velocity and the acceleration of a particle
executing simple harmonic motion of time period T, then which of the following do not
change with time?

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Which of the following pairs of physical quantities does not have same dimensional formula?

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The velocity of matter waves depend on the wavelength the density of water and acceleration due to gravity  The dimensional equation is

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If length , force and time are taken as fundamental quantity. What could be dimensional equation of 
(1)  Gravitational force 
(2) Plants constant

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Match the following.
List IList II
A.Angular momentum1.
C.Gravitational constant3.

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The potential energy of a particle varies the distance from a fixed origin as , where A and B are dimensional constants, then find the dimensional formula for AB.

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