Among the following what should not be done while or before using a clinical thermometer?


Ensure that before use the mercury level is below .


Wash the thermometer with hot water.


Handle the thermometer with care, as you handle any glass articles.


Don't hold the thermometer by the bulb while reading it.



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Correct option is

Wash the thermometer with hot water.

(A) The mercury level should be below or because the minimum reading of a clinical thermometer is hence it must be at the lowest level to measure the right temperature.
(B) If we wash the thermometer with hot water, the mercury will expand due to heat given by hot water and will rise to a higher temperature. If the water is very hot, it may result in damage to the thermometer. Hence it must not be done.
(C) It must be handled with care as being made of glass and mercury inside it is poisonous.
(D) If we hold the bulb by our hand, the thermometer will take the heat from the hand and will show a wrong reading hence we should not hold it by the bulb

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