Blue colour of sky is due to :


dispersion of light


scattering of light


reflection of light


refraction of light

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Correct option is B)

Rayleigh Scattering Theory suggests that scattering of light is inversely proportional to fourth power of wavelength of light.

Correct Option is B.
Explanation for the correct answer:
Dispersion of Light is a phenomenon in which white light is dispersed into seven colors, when passed through a glass prism. This phenomenon is the reason for formation of rainbow, not for blue color of sky. Option A is incorrect.
Scattering of light is the phenomenon in which path of light gets deviated by striking and obstacle like dust particles. The particles present in our atmosphere are of very small size. Thus, they can deviate only that part of light whose wavelength is closer to their size.
White light coming from Sun is made up of seven colors. Wavelength of Red color is the largest and that of violet and blue is the smallest. Thus, the violet and blue color are scattered most by these particles, thus the sky appears to be blue. Option B is correct.
Reflection of light is the phenomenon in which light bounces back after striking a surface. And retraction of light is bend in path of light when it the medium of its propagation changes. They are not responsible for blue color of light Option C and D are incorrect.

Thus, only Option B is correct.

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