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Calculate pressure of gas whose molar mass is having density at 273 K.



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What are the conditions under which, the relation between volume (V) and the number of moles (n) of the gas are plotted?

[P pressure and T temperature]

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Calculate the pressure of molecules of when enclosed in a vessel of capacity at a temperature of .

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The given figure shows a change of state A to state C by two paths ABC and AC for an ideal gas. Calculate 

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The volume of certain mass of a gas at is . What pressure will be required to keep the volume same at ?

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of hydrogen is exploded with of oxygen. Calculate the volumes of different gases at same temperature and pressure.

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The pressure exerted by of methane gas in vessel at is :

(Atomic masses : and

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2 mole an ideal gas is exoanded isothermally and reversibly to 10 times of its original volume at 300 K. Work done in this process is 

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