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C Complete this passage with the correct words from the box. on in around out to into on there for to We were a hurry.... ... catch the train. We had packed everything and were just leaving. "Get me the lock and the key" I said ..., but couldn't find ....... ....... my son. He looked them. I looked .............. ...the lock and the key myself. I spotted them the TV. We rushed ........ , locked the door, and go the car. We reached the station just ....... The train was. ... the move when we boarded it. We were lucky the we reached ......... before it had left the platform. time.


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Edit the given sentence, which is part of a passage, by choosing from the appropriate options:

A three year old girl is rescue by the police last Tuesday.

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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
As soon as she ________ out of bed she got dressed.

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Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence:
That's very sad news. If_______ sooner, I would have tried to help. 

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Alex didn't come to see the film last night because he ______ it before.

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He thanked me for what I ___.

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Complete the sentence using the correct form of the verb:

A: 'Shall I buy this book for Tim?' 
B: 'You'd better not. He might already _______ it.'

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