Choose the best option that fills in the blank:

You need _____ visa to visit _____ countries, but not all of them.


the, some


an, an


a, a


a, some



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Correct option is

a, some

The article 'the' is used when the noun is specific and known to the speaker as well as the listener. The noun 'visa' is not specified as to which visa and it's been mentioned for the first time here, so 'the' isn't the correct article. An indefinite article, either 'a' or 'an' is required. 'An' is used for nouns beginning with a vowel, 'visa' begins with a consonant, hence the option 'a' is the correct article for 'visa'. Also, indefinite articles 'a' and 'an' are not used for plural nouns, hence 'a' is incorrect for the noun 'countries' and so is 'an'. 'Some' denotes an unspecified number of the noun, whether a count or a non-count noun. Here, the number of 'countries' is not specified and it is some of many countries that require a visa, not all, hence 'some' is the correct option. 'A' being the correct option for the first sentence and 'some' being the correct option for the second sentence, narrows down to option D which is the correct answer.

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